Ari Amiya Is...

Artistic Vision + Creative Innovations = Fashion Ragz

My brand offers one of a kind pieces, created for everyone daring to be different. Fashion Ragz is a luxury brand focused on vintage designs to keep the energy exclusive within the fashion industry. Fashion Ragz is a vibe like no other to express yourself. 

Our offerings are catered to the free-spirited, where all demographics are challenged to expand their fashion senses. A line of acceptance allowing everyone to be the real YOU! Dare to be raggy… Bring out your raggy ways with Fashion Ragz   

The Art Of Ari Amiya


Providing A Well-Rounded Perspective On Life

Fashion Blog

Seek inspiration and styling advice when piecing together your Ragz with Ari Amiya herself. With our fashion blog you'll learn how to mix designer insights with high street fashion. Let's focus on the sustainability necessary to build your timeless wardrobe.

Modeling Opportunities

Interested in becoming a Raggy Model? Get discovered by  submitting your images for considerations. We're in search for new faces, lifestyle models, and actors alike. Tag and repost on IG or submit an information form for more details.

Photography Sessions

Fashion Ragz specializes in vintage photography to highlight our natural vibes. We capture images that are distinct, with character to match your lifestyle. Let us introduce you to a theme that will add creativity and composition to your next photoshoot.


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